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The ACL CalculatorTM is a breakthrough technology that eases how firms apply SFAS 5, SFAS 114 and related disclosure requirements. The application saves time and offers real bottom-line benefits. Gone will be the days of dreading the regulators' arrival, as our software will have your company complying with all the applicable regulatory and GAAP accounting requirements. And it is user friendly.

Find out more about how the ACL CalculatorTM will transform how your data is recognized, recorded and disclosed.

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5 Simple Steps

Time can be on your side. Our innovative software offers you higher productivity with increased accuracy.

Once your initial set up is complete, these five simple steps are all that are required of you each month:

5 Simple Steps
Welcome to the ARCSysTM Suite

December 2010 changes everything in allowance accounting and reporting as we know it. With the issuance of ASU 2010-20, public companies must provide detailed transparent disclosures for the allowance for credit losses by December 31, 2010. All other companies must do the same by December 31, 2011. Are you compliant?

ARCSysTM has built a ground-breaking, smart solution that adheres to the GAAP and regulatory requirements for the allowance for credit losses. Accountants can now sit back and know their accounting calculations and reporting for the allowance account are in accordance with GAAP. Our exclusive software application, ACL CalculatorTM, is the first in an evolution of innovative and comprehensive accounting products that eases complex FASB standards. With easy functionality and customization, our seamless integration takes your data through our proprietary software and gives you the calculation and reports necessary to comply with all the reporting requirements of ASU 2010-20. The ACL CalculatorTM takes your accounting, calculation and methodology from the “minor leagues” to “Major Leagues.”

ARCSysTM, where Accuracy is Powered by Innovation.

Membership Levels
  • ARCSys initial setup and training
  • Access to ARCSys ACL Calculator
  • Access to criteria tables
  • Detail Allowance Calculation report
  • SFAS 114 report
  • Historical Charge-off Calculation report
  • Loan Transfer reports
  • Edit exception reports
  • Impaired loan reconciliation report
  • Live service response Monday - Friday
  • All Silver level plus
  • Financial Statement Disclosure report
  • All Silver & Gold level plus
  • Projection analysis capability
  • Forecasting analysis capability
  • Migration Analysis reports
  • Data Warehouse reporting capability
  • Data analysis criteria percentages used: high, low, median and mean
  • Full quarterly data back-up for restatements
  • Risk assessment analysis
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